Dempsy Calhoun has been a practicing sculptor,
    designer and   metalsmith for more than 30 years.
    Educated at East Carolina University, he holds
    Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters degrees in
    Sculpture and Design, respectively. His studio,
    home gallery & sculpture gardens, known as
    Metalmorph, are located on 15 acres near
    Mocksville, NC.
Range of Services

    Dempsy's sculpture is held in private, corporate and public collections throughout
    the world.  "Sum of the Parts," completed in 1998, may be viewed at the North
    America Entrance to the  North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, N. C.  His
    work spans the range from custom  crafted tools and hardware to pieces of
    whimsy and sophisticated design. Whether the need is  purely functional or
    decorative, Dempsy's skills in both metals and design result in the perfect  site-
    specific solution. From the flicker of an idea to the installation of the final rivet,
    Dempsy  provides personalized attention to every detail.

    Dempsy uses time proven metalsmithing techniques including hot and cold
    hand forging, raising, sinking and chasing using traditional hammers, stakes
    and anvils; cold joining methods such as  twisting, wrapping and riveting; and
    welding processes including gas, stick, mig and tig.  When  appropriate, high-
    tech methods such as water jet and laser cutting are implemented. Heat and  
    chemical patination are used to supplement color and texture on metal surfaces.
    To perfect the  final finish, there is no substitute for the deft touch of small
    hammers, chisels and files in a  masterful human hand.
Commission Terms

    Architectural details and commissioned sculptures are priced based on $85 per
    hour design time with a three hour minimum and $65 per hour shop
    (fabrication) time.  Expenses and applicable sales tax are also charged. In
    many situations, a firm quote can be given.

    A $255 payment to cover the minimum design time is required to commence
    services. Generally, payment of 50% of the estimated balance of the total project
    cost is due at the time of acceptance of the design proposal. For projects
    estimated to total over $5,000, a second installment is required midway through
    fabrication. The outstanding balance is due at delivery of the completed piece.

Dempsy R. Calhoun

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