G A R D E N    B E L L  S
These garden bells are made of
new and recycled materials.   

Leave the clapper unanchored and
enjoy the music of the wind.

By commission.

Prices start at
Public Collection
Price: $1,850
Private Collection
Inspired by ancient Japanese garden lanterns, these contemporary adaptations are
fabricated from recycled and new materials. Patinas vary and surfaces will slowly mellow
and change over the years.
G A R D E N   G A T E S
Gate & details
Private collection
A garden gate that doesn't require post holes 3 feet deep and cement by the wheelbarrow
load and that can change location if  you redesign your garden or redesign your zip code.
Fabricated from new and recycled steel, the gate comes with bolt-on outriggers for stability
and steel spikes for even more stability. Natural oxidation will form a deep cinnamon rust
patina over the years. Similar gates are available by commission.
Contemporary birdbath in stainless steel uses
laser cutting and other high tech processes to
achieve a clean look. Gently oscillates in the
wind and has a narrow bowl slope that birds
tend to favor. A shady spot is preferable to
keep water temperature  acceptable. Does
double duty. For your next party, scrub it
down and add iced shrimp or chips and dip.

One of series of substantially similar pieces

Grind patterned stainless steel

Ht. 42” x 30” x 30”

Price: $2,300
Each leaf is hand made from solid copper sheet and rod stock. The stems are hot and
cold forged on an anvil, then hand filed and riveted to the individual leaves. Various
chemical patinas start the surface coloration process, but nature eventually takes over.
Prices vary according to leaf complexity and size and range from
$85 to $250. Lengths
range from 24 to 44 inches.

                                                        Raking not required.       
G A R D E N     S C R E E N S    &    T R E L L I S E S
Photos show two of
the garden screens
from the "Flora"
series. Made of new
and recycled steel,
the natural and
chemical patinas will
change with age.
Private Collection
"Mora Flora Borealis"

Recycled Steel with Forged
Copper Leaves

Price:     $1,150
A N I M A L       I M A G E R Y
"Rock Python"

The body of this user
friendly snake is forged from
a piece of century old
wrought iron that once
formed part of a railroad car
and is adorned with
stainless steel spots. A
silicon bronze mono fang
helps anchor the water
formed rock that serves as
both predator & prey.

Price: $575
Carolina Tree Frog

Stainless steel frog
silhouette can adorn any
flat surface or be mounted
on a stake for a garden
accent. Longest dimension
toe-to-toe is 6 feet.

Price: $3,000
Dempsy R. Calhoun

g a r d e n   s c u l p t u r e

One of a Kind


Large outdoor bird sculpture stands
over 5 feet tall.

Private collection.
Garden Gates of carbon steel.
Garden fence post finial
Garden leaf birdbaths
"Reed Mash Lingo"     
Price: $5,500