Dempsy calls the 15 acres where his studio, home gallery and sculpture
    gardens are located Metalmorph. "Metalmorph" also refers to the annual
    show at his home gallery and gardens. If you would like to receive an
    invitation to the next annual show, please send your contact information to
Ordering Information

    Items priced under $100 are normally shipped within 2 weeks of receipt
    of payment. A shipping & handling fee of $5 is assessed per each $100
    or increment of $100 of the total order. Applicable North Carolina sales
    tax is applied to all orders from residents of North Carolina. Sorry, we are
    not able to accept credit card orders. Please mail your orders to Dempsy
    at the address below or e-mail your inquiries to info@dempsycalhoun.

Dempsy Calhoun
163 Jamestowne Drive
Mocksville, North Carolina 27028

Phone: 336.998.4355

Dempsy R. Calhoun

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