Custom designed fire screens of
mixed metals.

Available by commission only.

Prices start at
"Sir Nasper Nuance, Earl of Innuendo,
Wades into the Stream of Consciousness"

Forged steel, copper, brass & bronze

Private collection
"The Benefit Roast of Icky the Finn
& his Demi-Poisson"

Forged steel, brass, bronze &

Private collection  
"The Fun's Mutual when Wanda
Digit, Book Juggler, meets Ira Bond,
Bear Back Bull Rider"

Forged steel, brass, bronze & copper

Private collection  
"Watchmen of the Indigo Night"

Forged steel, brass, bronze &

Private collection
"Members in Particular II"

Forged steel, brass, bronze &

Private collection
Accent tables are of varying metals & designs. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Pricing
variables include material used, size, finishes & complexity of design. Prices start at
Each paperweight is cut by waterjet, hand shaped by hammer, then patinated & sealed. No two are
identical in shape or color. Paperweights are available in leaf and hand forms. Maple leaves are
about 4.5 by 6 inches. Due to shaping, all sizes are approximate. Small 3 inch hand paperweights
$25,  maple leaves are $30 and large 5 inch hands are $33.

Hooks: Leaf hooks are lighter weight than the similar paperweights and are
$22 for plain hooks
$25 with a twist in the hook (on left in photo). The "love" sign 5 inch hand hooks are $38 and
the "Moon Frog" hooks are
$49.50. Mounting hardware is included. Larger, architectural hooks are
also available. See
Architectural Elements.

Switch plates:  Two distinctive designs in brass & copper combine to glorify the spot where you flip
your switch. The frog is cut by waterjet, then patinated and finished by hand. No two are identical..
Single light switch plates are
$75. Double plates are available for $85.
Forged & welded carbon steel door pulls.

These are larger than life-size and welded to very heavy steel backing
plates. They have a dark patina and a clear acrylic finish. If used
outdoors in an exposed location, they will need to be maintained
periodically with acrylic spray to minimize rusting. Indoors they will be
fine. For a maintenance free outdoors application, a stainless steel
version is available but at a substantial increase in cost.

Prices start at
Large sculptural leaves
are 38 to 40 inches
long (without regard to
the stem) and 19 to 26
inches wide,
depending on the
Price: $1,250
Price: $995
Medium slim leaves are 5 to 6
inches wide and 20 to 22 inches
long (without regard to the stem).
Medium leaves are 12 to 13 inches wide and 18 to 20 inches
long (without regard to the stem).
Sculptural leaves are made of copper and finished naturally or with various patinas and sealants.
While the leaves can be used to hold items, the patinas will be affected overtime - especially if in
contact with moisture. If you wish your leaf to be fully functional, a natural patina and no sealant are  
recommend. If light use with dry items is planned, refreshing the sealant periodically with a clear
acrylic coating can prolong the life of chemical patinas.

Large leaves are hand raised from flat sheet. Stems are hot and cold forged from 1 inch diameter
solid copper rod. Prices start at

Medium leaves are priced at
$375 and Medium slim leaves are priced at $125.
Presentation award
commissioned by the
Triad Entrepreneurial
"Colonel  Gnarliss Husp,
Chief of  Staff  at  the  

Wood, horse hair, pigment,
brass, bronze, bone, resin

This 6 foot staff comes
with a free standing base
to display as a sculpture
when not in use.

Price: $1,250

similar pieces available by
Mirrors with burned
and painted
shelves, hooks and
metal appliqués are
available by
commission starting at
Many sculptural
elements can be
adapted as lamps.
This lamp uses new
and recycled
materials. Similar
sculptures are
available by
commission starting at
Dempsy R. Calhoun

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  • platters & vessels
  • presentation awards
  • staffs
  • mirrors
  • lamps
  • sculptural fire screens
  • accent tables
  • paperweights
  • hooks
  • switch plates
  • door pulls
Hand Stands

Universal high signs in patinated
carbon steel. These useful
sculptures vary in height from 15 to
18 inches.

Single hand price: $125
Double hand (on left) price: $160